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In case of raising poultry birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, peacocks, pigeons, quails etc. for egg and meat production, you must have to be very careful about poultry nutrition. You can raise poultry birds for fulfilling your family nutritional demand and for commercial production purpose. People throughout the world are raising various types of poultry birds commercially from a long time ago.

The success of commercial poultry farming business depends on some important factors such as suitable housing, proper care, feed management and poultry nutrition. Adequate quality foods keep the birds growing. Good housing facilities keep them free from adverse weather and other animals or predators. And good care or management bring success. Availability of proper nutrition on poultry feed is also very important.


Proper nutrition helps to keep the birds healthy and productive. The required nutrients for all types of poultry birds are 13 vitamins, 14 amino acids, 12 minerals and fatty acid. Be more careful while feeding your birds. And ensure that all the nutrient ingredients are available in poultry feed.


  • Corn and soybean meal are the common and mostly used ingredients in poultry feed. This type of ingredients are highly available in the market. Those are low cost feeding ingredients and contain lots of energy. Both corn and soybean meal are also a great source of well balanced protein. This will increase poultry nutrition value and quality of their feed.
  • Fish meal and meat meal contains high ratio of protein and amino acids, and those are very useful elements for proper poultry nutrition. The bones of fish and animal are great source of calcium and phosphorous. A well balanced poultry feed contains 2 to 5 percent of this ingredients. Percentage of fish meal or meat meal may vary depending on the types of poultry birds and their production purpose.
  • Calcium and phosphorus are the major minerals for proper poultry nutrition. Fish and animal bone are the great sources of minerals. Minerals can also be found on other inorganic sources. Some plants also contain a little amount of this two minerals.

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