MFPL launched Cattle Feeds’ brand ‘MAHA FEEDS’ in 2017. It is currently present in the UP and Bihar market and is planning to take this venture to a pan-India level. It has six products to cater to different needs of the market namely; Milk Booster 10000, Doodh Dhara 8000, Cream Dhara 4000, Grower Special, Calf super starter and Doodh Sarita.

Why compound Cattle Feed is required?

• To meet animal’s milk production, maintenance, and health requirements

• Provides the actual proportion of nutrients as per body requirements

• Only balanced cattle feed helps in utilizing the full genetic potential of the dairy animals

• Special feed additives are added to the feed to prevent rebreeding



Completely veg feed.

Yes we are using bypass fat in our feed

For instant energy and good palatability purpose.

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