Poultry feeds is the core product of this company. It sells poultry feed under "MAHA", "NUTEC", "MAGNUM" and "IRIS" brands. It manufactures Pre-Starter Crumbs, Starter Crumbs, Finisher Pellet, Concentrates for Commercial Broiler; Chick Crumbs, Grower Crumbs, Layer Crumbs, and Concentrates for Layers.

Concept of Balanced Nutrition:

• Balanced nutrition means that all the major essential components of nutrition that are energy, protein, amino acid, vitamins, minerals, and specially designed additives, etc are provided in the feed to maximize the performance potential of any breed in all climatic conditions.

• This is achieved by producing feeds with raw materials of high quality, state of the art manufacturing facility and process, quality control according to the best of international Standards.



Decreased feed wastage, Reduce selective feeding, destruction of pathogens, improved palatability, less time and energy expended in prehension.

Pre-starter 2.5 to 3 mm, starter & finisher feed 5mm.