Here at Maha Feeds, we aim to produce high-quality poultry feed that contains all the necessary nutrients for your poultry animals. With our prestigious brands like ‘MAHA’, ‘NUTEC, ‘MAGNUM’ and ‘IRIS’ we produce a different segment of poultry feed like Pre-Starter Crumbs, Starter Crumbs, Finisher Pellet, Concentrates for Commercial Broiler, Chick Crumbs, Grower Crumbs, Layer Crumbs, and Concentrates for Layers & Breeders.


Water is the source of living and aquatic life plays a vital role in the ecosystem. We produce nutrition-rich fish feed under our brand of ‘Aquatech’. Our brand Aquatech is dedicatedly focused on creating a better eating reservoir for aquatic livings. Our fish food is full of vitamins and protein that are required to cater to a healthy lifestyle to fish life. Aquatech under the brand of Maha Feeds is focused to create qualitative response from your fish farming.

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Every organism plays a vital role in the ecosystem and hence Maha Feeds aim to cater all segment of animal feed including our most highlighted Cattle Feed. We are one of the leading Cattle feed manufacturer or producer in India with a wide range of varieties. Our Cattle feed is full of nutrients and components which are necessary for a healthy lifestyle of your cattle. With an increased nutrition count we aim to deliver high-quality poultry feed.


Just like other animals pigs also play an equal role in the food chain and hence we maintain this food chain healthy. We produce nutrition-rich cattle feed under our brand name Maha Feeds. With a single line motive to create a potentially quality feed, we are leading the industry for decades. With advanced technology and experienced researchers, we are creating a benchmark in Pig feed manufacturing and animal nutrition.

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With high-quality soybean seed, we create a nutrition-rich food supplement named Full Fat Soya. With an esteemed capability of replacing nutritional goods and raw material, FFS provides the essential nutrients to the poultry livings. Our protien rich FFS helps in destroying trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitor activities. This product has several enzymes to make it thermostable for pelleting and enhanced digestibility of amino acids.