Amardhan Speciality Feeds LLP produces Value Added Toasted Guar Korma (with U.S.A.-based technology) from their Kota plant to partially replace the soya bean meal; with controlled urease activity and complete destruction of trypsin and chymotripsin inhibitor activity. The product has been toasted to deactivate the trypsin inhibitor activity permanently and fortified with specific heat stable enzymes to enhance the metabolizable energy along with digestibility of protein.

Advantages of using our Value Added Toasted Guar Korma:

• Value Added TGK contains less fiber, sand silica, and moisture than Soya DOC

• Protein content and ME of TGK are more than Soya DOC

• The digestibility of Value Added Toasted Guar Korma (85%) is more as compared to raw and Roasted Guar Korma (58% and 75%, respectively) as we treat it with a heat-stable enzyme which increases the digestibility of protein and energy

• Field trial of Toasted Guar Korma with 7% inclusion in layer feed shows excellent result as compared to maize-soya control diet with reduced feed cost