The amino acid profile of Full Fat Soyabean and its importance in relation to production performances of poultry s a well-known fact. The oil of FFS ¡s unique in its unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) contents particularly in linoleic acid.

The oil of FFS is not prone to rapid oxidative rancidity like oil of rice bran due to its high Vit-E content (biological antioxidant).

The digestibility of Full Fat Soybean is Approx. 90% which makes it highly suitable and economical to use.

it is a known fact that the inclusion of alternate sources of oil will make more harm than their price advantage, due to the presence of undesirable substances.

FULL-FAT SOYA - A High Nutrient Density Feed Ingredient

• Partial replacement of Soybean meal

• With controlled Urease Activity & complete destruction of Trypsin / Chymotrypsin inhibitor activity.

• Fortified with specific heat stable enzymes to enhance Met. Energy & digestibility of protein.