Poultry Feeds

Our Feed brands like "MAHA", "NUTEC", "MAGNUM" and "IRIS" are available in the market. We produce Pre-Starter Crumbs, Starter Crumbs, Finisher Pellet, Concentrates for Commercial Broiler, Chick Crumbs, Grower Crumbs, Layer Crumbs, and Concentrates for Layers & Breeders.

To provide appropriate and balanced nutritional solutions to customers.
To provide consistent quality of all its products throughout the year in all climatic conditions.
To provide technical services to farmers to enable them to run their business profitably.
To continue and upgrade its research and development activities constantly to provide better products for poultry.

Concept of Balanced Nutrition:
Balanced nutrition means that all the major essential components of nutrition that are energy, protein, amino acid, vitamins, minerals and specially designed additives etc are provided in the feed to maximize performance potential of any breed in all climatic conditions.
This is achieved by producing feeds with raw materials of high quality, state of the art manufacturing facility and process, quality control according to the best of international Standards.

Uniqueness of Feed
Highly digestive Full Fat Soya is used to produce feed.
The size and durability of pellet/crumbs is well maintained.
This feed is free from microbes as raw materials are checked properly before use and all appropriate manufacturing process is adopted.
The Feed formulation is designed to provide balanced nutrition to all breeds in all climatic conditions.
Technical service are available to all the users of our Feed.


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